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If you want to see something mildly funny on the internet, you might just type the word ‘cat’ into Google. You wouldn’t, however, pay a visit to a widely-known property advertisement portal – unless of course you’re an estate agent getting a giggle at your whopping commission. You’d be surprised, though, at how amusingly poor some of these photographs can be. There’s nothing worse than an armchair critic, though, so I thought I’d take a moment to offer some constructive criticism on some of the choice examples of not-so-good marketing I found in recent weeks. How not to advertise a rental property with photographs Don’t… …use a disposable camera, wait until photos develop, and then use them regardless of how shaky and blurry they look. At least we know what it’ll look like when we’re drunk Fair enough, we at least have an idea what the bathroom looks like. This might... (more)

Landlords and TV licensing

by Ben Gosling. The TV licence is a vital part of our day-to-day entertainment. Unfortunately, timeless modern opuses such as Snog, Marry, Avoid? don’t just fund themselves; the creators need money to continue to generate slice after slice of televisual gold. Enter the TV licence. Many of us know that you only need a TV licence if you use a device such as a television or computer to watch or record television programmes as they are being broadcast. If you don’t use a device for this, you don’t have to have a licence. The BBC has confirmed that, even if you own a television, you ... (more)

Landlord registration: good or bad?

by Ben Gosling. Landlords in Scotland are required to register with each local authority where they own a rental property. Whilst landlords south of Hadrian’s wall might think they’ve dodged a bullet by escaping this requirement to date, landlord registration might be even closer than just a glen or two away. For one, the shadow government have made it a part of their housing policy (see Labour’s policy review Private Rented Housing: Improving Standards for all, released a few months ago). Various pressure groups are also calling for a national landlord register, and some local a... (more)

Consolidating debts with a buy to let remortgage

We often talk on this site about the benefits of remortgaging. Regularly switching loan to save on interest rates, particularly while rates are so low, is a sure fire way to bolster your yields and help keep your business in the black. Remortgages have other uses, too. If you have a healthy chunk of equity in a buy to let property you can use a mortgage to release cash – this can be used to renovate your property and increase its value, or perhaps invest in property elsewhere if you want to expand your portfolio. Another, less common use for cash released with a buy to let remor... (more)

Why buy to let is a good investment

by Ben Gosling. Some landlords are ‘accidental landlords’ – people thrust into property letting by circumstances out of their control. But a great many chose to get into the business too, and hundreds of people are wondering whether or not they should follow suit. For those people, here are five reasons why buy to let is a good investment – and five top tips to help you get the most out of it. 1. There’ll always be demand for rental property If you look at the history of the private rental sector, you’ll see that the number of people privately renting has pretty much doubled in t... (more)